I Love This Stuff #1

Things I Loved This Week


This quote posted by Recovery Warriors


This post written by Kylie Mitchell of Imma Eat That (and Kylie in general) on feeling at home in your body. Nothing had struck me so hard until I read this; Kylie really puts things into perspective on why weight fluctuations and body changes shouldn’t be the end of the world. Definitely check out her follow up post that focuses on specific examples as well, they were the icing on the cake!

Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design is one of the best shot and produced docu-series I’ve seen in a long time. It focuses on the lives and the projects of a variety of design industry superstars including Paula Scher, Graphic Design extraordinaire, Tinker Hatfield, the man behind Nike’s incredible and innovative design, and Es Devlin, a stage set designer that made me greatly question my major and career path after watching her work on some of the most creative set pieces I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few good theater sets in my days). If you need something to jolt your creativity, this will do perfectly.


Walking! As lame as it sounds to love walking, I’ve really been enjoying taking my time getting to places and experiencing new sights and sounds around the city. Portland, thankfully, is incredibly walkable and especially given the delicious weather we’ve been having lately, nothing makes me happier than strolling to Trader Joe’s or the waterfront just for fun. Once it gets a bit rainier, I may change my mind but this is a things I love lately not things I will be loving in 4 months when I haven’t seen the sun for 3.5 of those months.

KIND Bars… Always… I snagged 3 from a table at an event I worked last night and let me tell you nothing excites me quite like free KIND bars. Besides dogs. Someone find me a dog handing out KIND bars and I’ll die happy.

Becoming Jolie’s post about mental health and the practices she uses to keep herself calm, cool, and somewhat collected. If you liked my post the other day about self care, definitely check out Jolie’s post for more great resources and examples for practicing self care and mental health balance! Jolie has an awesome voice and I’ve loved binge-reading her blog since I found it not too long ago. She’s honest and real about the struggles of living life as an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, and everything else in between. 10/10 would recommend checking her out here and here too!

Trader Joe’s selection of pumpkin and apple products… need I say more?

That’s it for the first I LOVE THIS STUFF! Check back Friday for a post about avoiding excuses in regards to school, work, recovery and mental health! It’s gonna be a big one, guys. Until then, good luck to those with Midterms, to those without them, and to those who have Midterms but are in denial that they exist – I’m right there with you.

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